In case you missed it…ARE the Kids Alright? 

Experts from the community included a school nurse, mental health professionals, prevention specialists and youth. They talked about immunizations, COVID concerns, positive activities for area youth, and the challenges of adjusting to the school year routine.

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In case you missed it…Enjoy Summer Fun…Safely 

The 5th virtual health webinar was held on June 9th, with a great lineup of panelists who answered all your questions – Safety Tips with Larry, staying active without spending a lot, outside fun for you and your family, and more!

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In case you missed it…Understanding Addiction

(and how you can help), the 4th virtual event in our Break for Health series, held on April 14th.  

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Preston Moore of Columbus Springs invites you to listen to his podcast about addiction and recovery: 




In case you missed it…Matters of the Heart,

the 3rd in our series, was a conversation among local experts about maintaining a healthy heart on February 10th. We touched on the role of healthy social connections and support as they relate to health.  Thanks to all who joined us for this great virtual event!

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More Resources from Matters of the Heart:

Brene Brown on Empathy














In case you missed it… Winter Wellness

Thanks to all who joined us on December 9th for our conversation with local professionals about staying healthy this winter!

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