In case you missed it…Men’s Health

A panel of local experts joined us on June 8th to help men (and the women who care about them) in our community learn to be healthy.

Our thanks to: 

Dr. Ian Thompson, orthopedic surgeon & sports medicine specialist 

Dr. Jacob Thomas, chiropractor and athletic trainer

Jackie Dahlberg, dietician 

Stephen Massey, mental health specialist 

Dr. Faiq Akhter, cardiologist 

Gina Burke, mentoring specialist 

Nettie Carter-Smith, moderator

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In case you missed it…

Reproductive and Sexual Wellness 

Conversations about sexual wellness happen between many pairs of people – parent to child, partner to partner, friend to friend, and patient to physician.  Wondering how best to have these conversations? Community Health Foundation assembled a panel of local experts to help!  March 9th’s Break for Health offered local resources and information for a lifetime of good health, the importance of preventive screenings, preparing for childbirth, and how to talk about sexuality with people you care about.

Our thanks to Nettie Carter-Smith, Moderator, and Panelists Dr. Ananth Annamraju, Britney Bruce, Sarah Dahlston, Dr. Curtis Orr, and Danielle Raines.

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In case you missed it…Better Health For All

A panel of local and state experts joined us on December 8th to discuss why diversity, equity and inclusion are important in building a healthy community. To view the webinar, click HERE.

Or, view it below: 


For Jamie Carmichael’s presentation, click HERE


In case you missed it…ARE the Kids Alright?