The merger of our two Springfield area hospitals in 2004 prompted agreement between Community Hospital and Mercy Health for Community Health Foundation (CHF) to provide reproductive health services at a location adjacent to the new Springfield Regional Medical Center.  This agreement was necessitated by the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Services, which disallow Catholic hospitals from providing contraceptive or reproductive services.

CHF serves men and women with the following hospital-based services: 

  • Sterilizations (tubal ligations and vasectomies) secondary to another inpatient procedure such as gynecological surgery, hernia or other abdominal surgery.
  • Sterilizations for women after a vaginal birth or Cesarean section.
  • Primary sterilizations for high risk patients, both men and women, whose physician identifies them at risk for complications due to a health condition, and which may require hospital support.
  • Contraception injections (like Depo Provera) after a birth.

All of the above procedures are performed in the CHF health services pavilion at 200 Medical Center Drive, located adjacent to the Springfield Regional Medical Center.

CHF does not provide abortions or participate in euthanasia.