Our Mission

To preserve reproductive services, to promote health and wellness, and to advocate for quality healthcare through grant making and education in Clark and Champaign Counties.

Our Vision

Healthy families.  Healthy communities.  Better lives by working together.

Our Core Values


We work with commitment and integrity, in an atmosphere of respect, to proactively partner, collaborate, and convene others to address the health needs of the community and add value to the healthcare system.


We disseminate local health information and assess healthcare needs.  We are knowledgeable about the services of health-related organizations in our community.  We stay abreast of community needs and work to provide opportunities for the community to be informed. 

Creative Leadership

We provide creative leadership to facilitate and coordinate community health improvement solutions based on the current community health assessment.  We are a catalyst and advocate for quality health and wellness.


Although a supportive co-owner of Community Mercy Health Partners, we maintain a local perspective and independence in order to effectively represent the healthcare needs of our community.


Through good governance and  stewardship, we utilize our resources to address community needs.  We strive for cost-effective solutions.

Choice and Access

We value patients’ rights to choose medical care without constraint.  We value a wellness system of quality patient care for all persons, including vulnerable and underserved people in our community, regardless of ability to pay. We value preservation of reproductive services. 

Approved by CHF Board of Trustees April 2019