Community Health Foundation (CHF) just celebrated a most successful Health Expo ’21. But, by no means is our work done!

Not only is good health about the physical wellness of an individual, it is also about mental wellbeing. Emotional, psychological and social wellbeing are just as important as physical health—actually they all have an impact on one another. 

Mental health issues affect millions of people across our country, with thousands living here in the communities we serve. While mental illness is recognized as a national health crisis, those suffering often hide and, therefore, are underserved. Only 1 in 5 are reported to seek help or treatment for their illness.

CHF provides many grants for local non-profits who have a mission to serve individuals with mental and emotional health problems. Just one of the great organizations we help fund is CitiLookout Trauma Recovery Center.

CitiLookout was provided a grant for $5,000 for 2020-2021 to continue their mission of serving individuals and families in the wake of pain and turmoil due to “life stressors, relationship struggles, violence, abuse, grief, divorce and broken families,” says CitiLookout of who they are and who they serve. “CitiLookout is here at the cross-roads of pain and purpose to support, encourage, and guide the process of healing and growth in surroundings that provide safety, nurture, and comfort.”

With the help of CHF funding, 87 people were served by this program so far. Staff had to adjust to meet client needs with tele-health and fewer in-person sessions due to COVID, but their work never stopped.

CitiLookout services include trauma support groups, victim advocacy, and counseling for grief, sexual abuse, PTSD, failing relationships, domestic violence and more.

For more information on CitiLookout, visit