ROX began in 2006 as a research study at The Ohio State University where founder and CEO, Dr. Lisa Hinkelman, spent her career training and developing graduate students in the Counselor Education department. As a licensed counselor working with adults and students in school settings, Dr. Hinkelman recognized that the issues facing female students mirrored the experiences of the adult women she was working with in counseling. This connection sparked a research agenda that sought to understand the challenges facing adolescent girls and what interventions existed to help girls navigate these challenges.

Today, ROX operates with a mission to create generations of confident girls who are in control of their own relationships, experiences, decisions and futures. One Clark County sixth grader ROX girl said, “ROX is very important in my life because it makes me believe in myself and helps me feel better about being a girl. I always thought that I wasn’t important because I thought I looked bad or didn’t do something right. ROX has changed my life. Thank you ROX.”

This week the Clark County Family and Children First Council hosted a ROX event at the Clark County Education Service Center (ESC). CHF’s grants/program coordinator, Joan Elder, and Executive Director, Joy Rogers, attended to support ROX in their effort to continue their mission and gain more support and engagement from our community.

CHF has funded ROX for two years and we encourage others in our community to support this powerful school-based program which builds confident girls and empowers them to rule their experience and control their relationships, decisions and future.

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