Community Health Foundation’s first Annual Reception was held in March 2014. Guest speaker Sandy Queen encouraged the attendees to “Lighten Up”, speaking on how a positive mental attitude supports health and wellbeing.

Community Health Foundation held its second Annual Reception on March 18th, 2015. Over 160 members of the greater Springfield and Urbana communities attended “Juggling Life”, and listened to renowned motivational speaker Curtis Zimmerman offer an entertaining perspective on managing multiple life demands and optimizing personal health and wellness. 

The 2016 Annual Reception offered that“Laughter is the Best Medicine”.  Dr. Brad Nieder, delivered the keynote address, presenting a message of enhancing health through humor. 

CHF’s 2017 Annual Reception was its 4th annual event.  Scott Burton, a Stage IV Cancer Survivor, Author, Comedian and Juggler spoke of the healing power of humor: “Looking for Laughter in all the Wrong Places”.

2018’s Reception featured Tim Gabrielson, Comedian, Magician, Author and Motivational Speaker. 220 Guests received the message of the “Magic of Positive Change”.