Pregnancy Termination:  Accept credit/debit cards and money orders; no cash or personal checks. The Center offers both surgical and non-surgical abortions. Appointment for the pre-abortion visit (required by law) can usually be scheduled within a day or two of your call. The procedure will be scheduled during this first visit and is usually just two or three days later. Financial assistance is available from the National Abortion Federation for those who qualify based on income and household size.

(updated 7/22/20) 

3219 Jefferson Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220
Phone Number: 1-800-543-7225 (Cincinnati office) 1-800-672-6810 (Dayton) 1-800-383-9029 (Indianapolis), Telfono Espanol: 1-888-720-9794

M-F 8am-6pm

Cost: Payment due at time of service; cost varies, please call for information.
Insurance: Some insurance companies provide abortion coverage; will assist in filing claim. Some financial assistance may be available.