Parenting: Provides POPS 101, a 4-session introduction to healthy fathering practices to help dads become their children's protector, order keeper, provider and stabilizer. Free.

Fathering in 15, an online learning experience that builds pro-fathering knowledge, attitudes, and skills. It engages dads visually and interactively. Free.

Provides Father Love, a 13-session program to help dads toward giving their children what no one else on earth can: their fully-developed father love. Program is Bible-based. Purchase of book and study guide required.

(updated 7/14/20) 


515 S. Yellow Springs Street, Springfield, OH (Mailing address: PO box 3132, Springfield, OH 45501) 45506
Phone Number: 937-328-0122

M-F 10am-3pm

Cost: Varies
Insurance: N/A