Rocking Horse Community Health Center

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Health Screenings: Provides screenings and full range of services from birth to adults.

Dental Health: Dental services available. Includes Comprehensive Exams, Cleaning, Periodontal Treatments, X-Rays, Emergency Appointments 

Adult Immunizations/ Early Detection, Education and Prevention of Cancer/ Heart Disease Education and Prevention/ Early Detection and Treatment of Diabetes:   Provides primary health care for children and adults. HPV vaccine (Human Papillomavirus) and booster ages 12 to 24. Provides flu vaccine for adults. Provides primary health care, women's health services and flu vaccine for adults. Testing and treatment of diabetes.

Pregnancy Testing and Other Tests/Screening During Pregnancy/ Prenatal Care/ Birthing and Post Delivery/ Post Partum Depression/ Infant Care Education/ General Gynecology/ STI Testing and Treatment/ Provides pregnancy testing, prenatal care and pelvic exams. Provides testing and treatment for gonorrhea, chlamydia, HPV, herpes and trichomonas.  Provides testing only for HIV, syphilis and Hepatitis B and C.

Provides treatment and care of menopausal symptoms.

Provides prenatal and postpartum care for mothers, and primary care for infants. Provides postpartum screenings, well-child/mother visits, developmental screening of infants and toddlers, and parenting education. Support groups for parents of infants and toddlers. 

Post Rape Care/ : Medical screening for domestic violence and assault, interviews with partners, therapy.

Counseling/ Mental and Behavioral Health Treatment/ Child Advocacy and Care/ : Provides a multidisciplinary family centered health care program of enhanced pediatric care that includes behavioral health therapists and outreach workers.  Staff therapists provide individual, family and group therapies, including help with parenting skills, family support services, infant mental health and behavioral medication when appropriate.  Support groups include: parents of infants, parents of children with ADHD, bullying, sexual abuse (child and non-offending parents), and grandparents raising grandchildren.

Parenting: Support Groups - Provides various support groups for parents and their children including ADHD, bullying, sexual abuse (for child and non-offending parents) and grandparents raising grandchildren. 

Early Childhood Growth and Development: Offers extended well visits, developmental screening, and parent education.

Pediatric Health Care: Extended well visits, flouride varnish, sick visits, immunizations, mental and emotional health.

Menopause: Treatment and care of menopausal symptoms, by nurse practitioner and physician.  Provides medications and education.

Self-Pay: Sliding fee scale based on income.  Patients are accepted regardless of ability to pay.

(updated 5/21/20)

651 S. Limestone Street, Springfield, OH 45505
Phone Number: Children: 937-324-1111 Adults: 937-328-7266

Hours vary by service, typically M-F 8:30 am-5 pm; some evenings and weekends

Cost: Sliding fee scale; no one is turned away for inability to pay
Insurance: Medicaid, Medicaid insurance plans and most private insurance accepted