Low-income families who are uninsured or underinsured often have to choose between buying medicine or paying other expenses. Mercy Health Med Assist doesn’t believe that’s a choice you should have to make. Community Health Foundation (CHF) agrees. That is why CHF has supported this program with $10,000 in grant funding.

Here’s How Mercy Med Assist Works:

Mercy Health Med Assist will cover the cost of medicine with two different programs:

  1. Med Assist covers the cost of your medicine by working with local pharmacies.
  2. Med Assist Plus coordinates with your doctor and pharmaceutical companies to help cover the cost of high-priced medicine not covered through Med Assist.

Getting Started:

If you need help paying for your medicine, ask your doctor, social worker or pastor for a referral to Mercy Health Med Assist. Simply have them complete and send this Med Assist referral form here to Mercy Health Med Assist, 30 W. McCreighton Ave., Suite 101, Springfield, OH 45504. Once a referral form is received at Med Assist, the friendly staff will review your situation and decide how to best provide assistance. If you qualify, a participating pharmacy will fill your prescription(s) and they’ll cover the cost. They will also work with you to find a long term solution for your medication needs and provide ongoing support.

For more information, contact Mercy Health Med Assist at 937-524-3341.