Upper right photo: L-R Amy Stacy, CHF Board member and Barb Sutter, CHF administrative assistant. 
Lower left photo: L-R  Megan Miller, CHF Board member, Anne Holtz, CHF Board member and Dian Schmid, friend of CHF.
Lower right photo: L-R Leanne Wierenga, CHF Volunteer, Joan Elder, CHF grants/program manager and Dee Lyons, CHF volunteer.

MAY 3, 2022. SPRINGFIELD, OH.  Today, leadership sponsor, Community Health Foundation, attended an event for “Extraordinary Women” hosted by Women’s Partnership Funds. Krissy Brown, Arts Education Director, Springfield Arts Council and Mistress of Ceremonies, opened the event that celebrated accomplishments of the Women’s Partnership Funds over the past two years. Following a formal and delicious lunch, keynotes Stephen Massey, Chief Operations Officer, TRC Advocacy Director, and Journey to Freedom Program Director; and, Melissa Massey, Crime Victim Advocate of Citilookout Counseling Center, spoke to the crowd. Sarah McPherson, Women’s Partnership Funds Advisory Council Chairperson, provided closing remarks.

The mission of the Women’s Partnership Funds is to transform the lives of women and girls of the Clark County area by mobilizing the collective power and passion of women working together through philanthropy. An affiliate of the Springfield Foundation, the Women’s Partnership Funds recognizes the barriers that women face as they try to achieve their full potential in our communities. The funds they provide support programs that are identified as issues impacting self-sufficiency of the women in Clark County and include:

  • mental, physical, reproductive and maternal health
  • training and education
  • financial stability
  • safety
  • childcare and parenting support

The Women’s Partnership Funds advocate for inclusivity, denounces denomination and values equity. They want ALL women to feel they belong and reach their full potential. It is important work and Community Health Foundation is proud to have participated as a leadership sponsor for this event. For more on this wonderful organization, visit https://www.springfieldfoundation.org/partnerships/womens-partnership-fund.html.