Change Your Day, Not Your Life! 

With Keynote Speaker, Andy Core

Andy Core has a master’s degree in science of human performance and has spent the last 16 years mastering the art of inspiring people to become energized, healthy, motivated and better equipped to thrive in today’s hectic society.

His “research scientist meets stand-up comic” style gives audiences the proprietary information needed to accomplish more at work, live healthy, and still have a life.

Combining stories from his experience as a successful consultant with the latest research, he will ignite your motivation, show you how to execute a better way of life and live to enjoy it.

Andy’s success rate at helping people go from “knowing they need to live a more balanced life” to actually living and capitalizing on it is thirteen times the national average.

To learn more about Andy, visit his website.


$35.00 per person
by March 21st, or call 937-523-7002